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At Unforgettable Smile, dental bonding can assist patients in Beverly Hills, CA and the surrounding areas. Here, Dr. Wahab will employ the most innovative, natural-looking materials to re-contour your teeth and correct any noticeable discoloration or damage.

Bonding/White Fillings Q&A

by Aamir Wahab, DDS

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding utilizes durable resins to correct a wide range of dental concerns including cracks, chips, breaks, and staining. Bonding can be employed to assist with making teeth appear healthier and more aesthetically appealing. Bonding resins can also be tinted and shaped to blend in with the patient’s surrounding teeth for a natural looking outcome.

What Is Tooth Re-Contouring?

Tooth re-contouring, also called dental reshaping, is a cosmetic dentistry treatment used to remove small shavings of tooth enamel, the outermost layer of the tooth, to reshape the length, surface, or overall contours of one or multiple teeth. Even a few millimeters of reduction in the right spots can lead to significant improvements. The process is commonly used together with dental bonding, where the person’s tooth is shaped, and then a tooth-colored material adheres to the newly smoothed out tooth.

What is the Bonding Procedure Like?

The process starts by preparing the patient’s tooth to receive the bonding material. Any decay occurring will be treated, and the tooth and gum area will be cleaned. Then the area will be mildly etched with a special solution which allows the bonding material to adhere to the tooth as securely as possible. The bonding resin will then be applied to the tooth in thin layers and shaped, so it matches the appearance of a natural tooth. Once the shaping is achieved, a light source is used to cure the resin and then it is buffed smooth.

Can Dental Bonding Work in Place of a Veneer?

For many forms of cosmetic restorations, dental bonding can be a good alternative to veneers. Bonding is usually much less costly than the application of veneers and bonding can be performed in a single trip to the dentist’s office. Veneers commonly require two visits to apply, one where the tooth is shaped, and an impression is obtained and a second visit where the veneer itself adheres to the tooth. This can make bonding an appealing option for many patients.

How Long Does Bonding Last?

At the practice, the dentist uses the highest quality bonding materials to ensure that they last and are durable. When cared for properly, dental bonding should last for many years. To prevent any discoloration which can happen over time, brush or at the very least rinse teeth after consuming items like coffee.


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